The F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer from Step Brothers Is Happening in Real Life

Boats ‘n hoes.

Before you read this announcement, please imagine that I’m sweetly singing “Por Ti Volare” to you. Ready? Okay.

The Catalina wine mixer from the 2008 movie Step Brothers — which some critics (me) have called “the greatest damn movie of all time” — is actually happening.

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You heard me: the fucking Catalina wine mixer.

BuzzFeed is reporting that a beach club on Catalina Island, California has been trying to throw a Catalina wine mixer since the movie was released. It finally came to fruition this year, and will be happening on on Sunday, September 13th. Tickets for the Catalina wine mixer start at $35 for adults and will feature wine (duh), a helicopter landing (à la the actual scene in Step Brothers), and music by The Dan Band, mildly famous from appearances in The Hangover and Old School.

So rub your balls on your stepbrother’s drum set, get your boats and hoes ready, and get your ass to Catalina. It’s time to reunite your divorced parents via the power of song.

Photos by Everett Collection