Catcher Miguel Olivo Bites Off His Teammate’s Ear

The aging backstop attacked Dodgers prospect Alex Guerrero, and got an earful in return.

Last time catcher Miguel Olivo registered on our radar, he was underperforming on our fantasy team a few years back. Now he’s carved out a place in history alongside van Gogh, Tyson-Holyfield, and the guy whose ear Kyle McLachlan found in a field in Blue Velvet.

Riding out his career on the Dodgers’ Albuquerque triple A squad evidently is frustrating, because when his teammate Alex Guerrero failed to slap a tag off his throw, Olivo lost his shit to the point of pummeling Guerrero (above, with his ear intact) in the dugout. When teammates tried to restrain him by holding back his arms (which, in hindsight, Guerrero probably wishes they didn’t do), Olivo went all Tyson on him.

The good news for Guerrero is plastic surgery may keep his ear from looking completely freakish. Also, the infielder has a $28 million contract and a promising career in front of him in the big leagues, where in all probability he won’t be crossing paths with Miguel Olivo.

Photos by Gary A. Vasquez / USA Today Sports