Cavs Fan Storms Court To Give LeBron Love

And becomes the NEW most hated man in Cleveland.

And becomes the NEW most hated man in Cleveland.

Up 26 points with just over eight minutes left in the third quarter, the Cleveland Cavaliers were well on their way to ending the Miami Heat‘s 23-game winning streak. Then the team fell apart, and Cavs fans sat awestruck, save one rogue court-stormer.

After Cleveland had allowed Miami to come all the way back, a Cavs fan made his way past security and ran onto the court.

He had a message for LeBron James, giving him one of the first official signs that all the anti-LeBron hysteria in Cleveland is, of course, nothing but an act from a deeply hurt fanbase.

I’m not sure that was the best approach.

Whatever the case, the fan did make his way up to LeBron, seemed to say something to him and, after he was apprehended and dragged away, LeBron patted him on the head.

For any crazy person, that’s a job well done.

Of course, this isn’t the last time LeBron had to deal with a fan rushing the court. The same thing happened a few years back in New York.

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