This School Hosts the Craziest Fans in the Big 10

Their state is known for its beer. 

If football games are church in the South, then they’re the club in the Midwest. Whether you’re a student or a townie, getting wild at a Big 10 football game is as integral a part of Midwest living as a crippling inferiority complex. But who gets the wildest? One intrepid news organization found out.

PennLive began by collecting data about stadium ejections for the Big 10 schools with the biggest stadiums. The winner (or loser depending on your perspective) is the University of Wisconsin,  which ejected 292 fans from Camp Randall Stadium in the first five home games of this season. That’s around 58 fans a game — and it destroys the other big time Big 10 programs.

As you’d expect, most of the ejections involve plastered fans acting like jackasses. “Our goal is to judge if someone is being a disturbance and lessening the experience for others. If that’s the case, then we remove them,” a spokesman for Wisconsin’s police department told PennLive.

Wild as they are, it’s worth noting that college football is still the minor leagues when it comes to moronic fans. Philadelphia Eagles fans, infamous for be so shitty that the city set up an in-house court system to deal with the unruly, are the Badger fans of the big leagues. 

Photos by Steve Branscombe / USA Today Sports