There’s a ‘Stripes’ TV Show Coming to CBS, And Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

C’mon, Hollywood.

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“Hey, let’s crap on the memory of a perfect, classic movie comedy with a lame-ass TV show” seems to be sort of a thing in Hollywood. 

That’s one takeaway from the news that CBS is cooking up a series based on the classic Bill Murray comedy, Stripes.

Okay, there are some things that might deserve a new look. Great old TV shows like The Munsters or Magnum P.I. getting a new look sounds kind of fun. But Stripes? That’s a one of a kind. 

Current comedy stars like Patton Oswalt agree:

So what’s the thinking behind this? Deadline reports the creators feel the story is universal:

Like the film, the series adaptation penned by [Whitest Kids U Know comedy trio] Moore, Brown and Cregger focuses on a perennial rebellious outsider who finally finds his purpose in life when he joins the U.S. military and must unite a group of ragtag eccentrics. Moore, Brown and Cregger executive produce with Julius Goldy Sharpe and Tom Pollock, with Amie Karp and Peter Fried producing. Sony Pictures Television will produce in association with CBS Television Studios.

Only the fact that original Stripes director Ivan Reitman is involved moderates any sense of disappointment in heading back to this well.

It’s hard to blame anyone for realizing such a successful well-regarded comedy might be ripe for renewal. However the movie felt like a perfect standalone, in part because it featured one of Bill Murray’s most, well, Bill Murray-esque performances ever, as well as great turns from late comedy legends John Candy and Harold Ramis. 

The good news the series is still just in the early development stages. So someone has time to talk the team behind it down from this tired-ass ledge. 

h/t Deadline