Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Calls It Quits On “Kitchen Nightmares”

After a decade raging his way through filthy kitchens, Ramsay finally wakes up.

Gordon Ramsay took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to announce the cancelation of his show Kitchen Nightmares. Without explaining his decision, Ramsay said that he’d “decided to stop making the show,” adding, “It’s been a blast but it’s time to call it a day.”

We’d say the decision was abrupt, but since the show’s debut in 2004 – the U.S. version premiered in 2007 – Ramsay has mastered the art of the walkout. During countless episodes, he has simply stormed out of kitchens he deemed beyond salvation. On the show, he always comes back after cooling off and we hope that is what happens on Kitchen Nightmares, which launched his now thriving television career. The famed chef will continue to be featured on four other kitchen-related TV shows (MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef Junior, and Hotel Hell), but Kitchen Nightmares is where he started and where he was at his most vicious.

The show was compulsively watchable and genuinely instructive. Fortunately, we can still enjoy Ramsay’s famously hands-on management style while binge-watching past episodes on Netflix. It was a good cooking show, but we will fondly remember it as a great television comedy.

Photos by FOX / Getty Images