Celebrity Obsessions: Jason Biggs

When it comes to fish, Mad Love star Jason Biggs likes it raw.

When it comes to fish, Mad Love star Jason Biggs likes it raw.

Word is you’re a sushi freak.

Goddamn, do I love it! My favorite food, hands down. It would be my last meal, no doubt.

When did your love affair begin?

I first had sushi in New Jersey, where I grew up, but only once. My family didn’t eat it; it was too exotic and expensive. Then I moved out to L.A., which is a sushi mecca of sorts, and started experimenting as my wallet allowed.

What’s your favorite type of fish?

Right now it’s halibut fin sushi—it’s flavorful and soft. I also love monkfish liver and sea urchin. I’m not into rolls.

Wait a sec…You sound like a sushi snob!

No way! Listen, I’m not gonna bitch at a place that just has rolls. But if someone says, “This is the best sushi I’ve ever had,” I’d say, “You’re a fucking moron.”

Could you ever be with a woman who doesn’t eat sushi?

Nope. I think if and how a person eats sushi speaks to their person­ality. You can see how open-minded and adventurous they are.

What if there was a superhot and funny chick who only ate California rolls?

And she didn’t like regular sushi? Maybe I’d let her tickle my balls, but then she’d have to leave.

Don’t you worry about mercury poisoning? Look what happened to Jeremy Piven!

I don’t, because I eat at good places where the chefs get the best fish.

So you’re saying Piven isn’t eating in the primo joints?

Yeah, I guess that guy lives on the cheap shit.

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