CES 2014: The Steam Machines Are Coming!

Powerful new gaming consoles are gearing up to storm your living room.

The Steam Machines are coming! Valve’s big announcement at CES this week was its partnership with some of the best, high-end computer makers in the first step of its plans to take over the video game world once and for all. These super slick-looking rigs are all about style and performance, and will be running the Linux-based SteamOS, perfect for gaming and connecting directly into your living room’s HDTV, so you can get your gaming on your big screen in high def.  In case you missed the announcement, here are the 13 Steam Machines you’ll have to choose from throughout 2014. 


Alternate / CyberPower

Digital Storm / Gigabyte

Falcon Northwest / iBuyPower

Materiel.net / Origin PC

Next / Scan

Webhallen / Zotac

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