Channing Tatum Gets Down With Gas Station Lady in Hilarious Viral Video

Now THIS is how celebs should behave in public…

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(Image: YouTube)

What do you do when you swing by the gas station? Grab a giant key to go pee? Pick up some beef jerky and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast to help get you through the day?

Well, when you’re a Hollywood megastar like Channing Tatum, those mundane tasks just ain’t gonna cut it. While traveling through North Carolina on Tuesday, the Magic Mike and Jump Street star streamed a video of himself making friends with a store clerk, Beatrice, on Facebook Live. 

After showing off his keen dance skills, he posed for a photo with a fan and signed Beatrice’s hat.

According to USA Today, fans in Knoxville, Tenn. also got lucky Wednesday when Tatum stopped by for a charity fundraiser and the premiere of his new film, Logan Luckyto take selfies with the crowd. 

Hey, let’s just be glad he doesn’t go full Magic Mike in these situations.

h/t: Barstool Sports