Charlize Theron Is a Better Singer Than Britney Spears

At least when she’s at Dimples Karaoke in Burbank, California.

Because she is a righteous Lord, God hath given unto us this grainy footage of some potentially drunk Hollywood celebrities singing karaoke at what happens to be the nation’s first karaoke bar, Dimples, in Burbank, California. Located across the street from NBC Studios West, the LA staple has hosted people from Keifer Sutherland to Macy Gray, plus a young, bashful-looking blond named Britney Spears. The banter between Anthony Keidis and David Spade is priceless, as is a Charles Barkley swaying in a Viking helmet. Eric McCormack killing a Chicago song is our favorite. Or maybe it’s Kathie Lee Gifford grinding and harmonizing with Jimmy Kimmel. We can’t decide. 

Photos by Photo: Denise Truscello/BSLV/Getty Images for Brandcasting, Inc