Charlize Theron Is Getting Her Own ‘Mad Max’ Prequel

Sorry Max, Furiosa is taking center stage.


Charlize Theron—an actress who once gained 30 pounds to play a serial killer—famously called the six-month shoot for Mad Max: Fury Road the toughest of her career.

But she better be steeling herself for round two (and kissing those blonde locks goodbye again) as a prequel focused on her Furiosa character, to be titled Mad Max: The Wasteland, is reportedly in the works.

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Australia’s Herald Sun reports that the legendary George Miller is back behind the camera and that shooting could take place as soon as the end of 2016 in New South Wales, rather than the punishing Namibian desert like the last one.

Whatever physical hardship she’ll have to endure (The Wasteland title is none too promising), this marks quite the coup for the South African actress. This was originally intended to be Tom Hardy’s franchise (he is Mad Max, after all), but Theron received the lion’s share of critical praise.

And scene-stealing with just one arm ain’t easy to do. 

There is still no word on what place Hardy’s character will have in the Furiosa-geared prequel, or if he’ll even be back at all, but the actor has disclosed that he is signed on for at least three more films.

In case you need to be brought up to speed, George Miller’s black-and-white director’s cut of Fury Road will be available in the U.S. in December.

h/t IndieWire