A Chat With India Wadsworth of The Dark Knight Rises

We were lucky enough to chat with the gorgeous actress.

India Wadsworth appears in The Dark Knight Rises. We were lucky enough to chat with the gorgeous actress. 

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Favorite Batmen

I used to love watching the cartoon Batman. When I was little the cartoons were great, but I love Christian Bale. I think he’s so good at portraying Batman. He’s definitely my favorite.

The Pencil Trick

I thought Heath Ledger was incredible, and his performance was inspiring, scary, and freaky. Plus, the whole pencil thing still freaks me out.

Joining the Bat Family

I want to be Batgirl. I’d love to drive around in a cool car, but Catwoman’s awesome and I’m so excited to see Ann Hathaway do her thing, but yeah– Batgirl. They need her!

The Bane of Her Existence

I got to work with Tom Hardy, and he’s such a lovely guy. Seeing him all dressed and covered up was frightening, but very impressive.

Upcoming Projects

I just got back from London. I was filming a comedy for the BBC called Me and Mrs. Jones, and at the end of the month, I’m doing an indie film called Counterclockwise and I’m modeling.

Most Embarassing iPod Song

Oh, I have lots of Boyzone. I was a big fan when I was about eleven. I love it, secretly. Boyzone was a British boy band a while ago and I was obsessed.

Signature Cocktail

I love Lychee Martinis. Had a few too many last night.

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate Fondue. My sister introduced me to chocolate fondue and eating melted chocolate with marshmallows is possibly the most wonderful thing.

Final Meal

It would have to be some sort of curry. I love Indian food and I would want a good curry with all the sides and everything.

Lesson to Guys

If a guy wanted to approach me, he should do it with confidence and maybe try to make me laugh. I’m not really good with that kind of stuff, but be secure and make me giggle.