A Chat With Sleigh Bells

Three questions with Sleigh Bells, your new favorite band.

With their debut, Treats, electro-punk duo Sleigh Bells unleashed a torrent of crushing riffs and jackhammer beats that found their way onto countless soundtracks, commercials, and stadium PAs. Now, with Reign of Terror, guitarist Derek Miller and singer Alexis Krauss are ready to stake their claim as the heaviest band in the game. Miller sounds off.

What was it like having celebs at your shows before you’d even released an album?

The whole “overnight success” thing couldn’t be further from the truth. This happened after so many failed attempts that it’s ridiculous. I knew I wanted a female vocalist, and I finally found Alexis.

What do you think of other two-piece bands?

Jack White and the White Stripes have been a massive influence. What Jack was doing was so confrontational but never super-macho. That re­-defined what being heavy meant to me. I’m definitely thankful for that dude.

Your songs seem perfect for sporting events.

I love sports. My dream would be to play the Super Bowl. We’ve actually worked with ESPN, and I’d be so down to rewrite the Monday Night Football theme. They know I’m just waiting for the call!