Check Out The EDM Remix Of Matthew McConaughey’s “Wolf Of Wall Street” Chest Thump

The Oscar winner’s infamous Wolf of Wall Street scene gets the Internet treatment.

Between snagging the Oscar for his leading role in Dallas Buyer’s Club and winning over audiences with the TV thriller True Detective, Matthew McConaughey is having quite the year. And now, his infamous Wolf of Wall Street lunch scene is going viral thanks to a remix. The folks at Eclectic Method have altered the hilarious scene, giving it an upbeat tempo and EDM beat that is perfectly reminiscent of the film itself: a massive, drug-induced shitshow, in the best way. Interlaced with scenes from the film – including Leonardo DiCaprio’s epic freakouts and money-crazed comrades – this video is even better than the McConaughey Oscar gif. Watch it below and liven up your hump day.