Check Out This Exclusive Clip Of “Embrace Of The Vampire”

Have you had your daily fix of impalement and girl-on-girl smooching yet? Then we have just the thing.

It’s probably fair to say that 1995’s Embrace Of The Vampire is mostly memorable only for the scene in which Maxim cover girl Alyssa Milano decides to strip off for a slightly different kind of photo shoot. This year’s remake – out on Blu-ray and VOD on October 15th – also has its fair share of sexiness, including this scene, which we’re exclusively previewing. Let’s see if it has all the Halloween staples we’ve come to expect…two hot girls making out? Check! Creepy monster in the shadows? Check! Some dude getting brutally murdered with a pointy stick? Check! A pillow case with nothing in it but candy corn and half a Butterfinger that expired in 1996? Missing! Man, this isn’t the Halloween we know at all.