Check Out These Incredible Photos of a Plane Crashing Into a Skydiver In Florida

Good news spoiler alert: No one was seriously hurt.

On Saturday afternoon in Mulberry, FL, skydiver John S. Frost was winged – literally – by a Cessna light aircraft as he headed towards the ground. Astonishingly, neither Frost nor the pilot, 87-year-old Sharon Trembley, were badly hurt, which, when you look at the sequence of events in the photos below, seems nothing short of miraculous. Firstly, Frost gets dragged along by the plane, then hurled backwards through the air as the strings on his chute are sliced apart. At this point, the plane, totally out of control, nosedives into the ground and crumples to a halt. And this, people, is why we don’t go skydiving (or accept rides of any kind from 87-year-olds).

Photos by All Photos Courtesy of Tim Telford / Polk County Sheriff’s Office