Check Out This Weed-Filled Clip From “We’re The Millers”

Don’t worry, the weed’s fake. Allegedly.

If you enjoyed We’re The Millers – and if you dig movies that are like a mash-up of National Lampoon’s Vacation, Pineapple Express, and Jennifer Aniston doing a lengthy striptease, then we’re assuming you did – then you’ll be happy to know that it’s out now on Blu-ray. It also, as you’d expect, comes with a healthy side order of special features, including the two that we’re exclusively previewing below. The first one deals with all the weed – sorry, fake weed – that was transported across the country, and its effects on the cast and crew…

And this one’s a deleted scene that shows you how to bluff your way through what basically amounts to a kidnapping. And they say you can’t learn anything from watching movies!

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