We’re closing out the season the best way we know how: with overtime!

We’re closing out the season the best way we know how: with overtime! 

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A Rock and a Hard Place

The Bruins were able to withstand a flurry of offense from the Blackhawks as well as an uncalled power play in OT (only one this time) to even the series on a wholly uninteresting goal. As noted last week, this is an incredibly evenly matched series and it will probably come down to who’s tougher or (oh please lord no) officiating. The most interesting thing about this original six match-up is the lack of the true superstar on both teams, and the gelling of all the lines into one giant, salty, defensive hockey stew.

For Your Consideration

The lockout not only devoured a good portion of the season, and but it took the Vegas award show that hits at season’s end too (presumably taking many dollars out of the underwear of hardworking strippers with it). Alex Ovechkin beat out Sidney Crosby for the Hart Trophy (MVP), likely because of the amount of time Sid was out with a broken face, and Jonathan Huberdeau took home the Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) as well as the award for “most fun name to say.”


Speaking of the NHL awards, Sergio Bobrovsky took home the Vezina trophy for the best goaltender this season. In celebration of that, here is an amazing compilation of Sportscentre (that’s the Canadian version, eh?) anchor Jay Onrait screaming his name like he’s a sergeant disciplining a rogue cop.

See you next season (for all 82).

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