Check, Please: NHL Action For the Week of 5/28

We’re doubling down on game sevens, and seeing who can survive under pressure.

We’re doubling down on game sevens, and seeing who can survive under pressure.

(Photo: Harry How / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

Game Seven, Part One: Sharks vs. Kings

While these teams have looked pretty evenly matched - only 3 goals combined separating them – the Sharks may be climbing uphill due to playing on away ice. While defending their title, the Kings have won their last 13 at Staples Center – something the Lakers only dream of. Of course, the Kings haven’t been within a game of elimination in two years, so San Jose isn’t beached just yet.

Game Seven Part Two: Red Wings vs. Blackhawks

The mighty Chicago has climbed their way back into this series after being down 3-1 to Detroit. They evened the series last night on a penalty shot given up by Carlo Coliacovo that may have been better handled with two minutes and a slap on the wrist. The Red Wings have already taken down a high-seeded team in a game 7, but Chicago’s home ice and hot dogs with all kinds of weird shit on them are the comeback artists now and hope to ride the momentum into the next round.

Los Angeles Still Hates The Kings

Willie Mitchell scored? What a miracle! Especially considering that Willie Mitchell hasn’t played since last season’s finals and won’t be back until the beginning of next season at the earliest. But hey, at least you guys have still got the NBA finals (Lakers burn #2!).

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