Check, Please: NHL Action From The Week Of April 22nd

Home stretch! Who is in and who is out?

It was a close call, but hockey has returned. While the season is shorter, the action is just as fast. Here’s what went on in the NHL week that was.

(Photo by Abelimages/Getty)

If you were one of the people who said a 48-game season would be terrible, I’ve got a nice big plate of crow for you to chow down on. The speedy season has made for a beautiful final stretch: most teams have three left to play, and there are seven playoff spots still un-clinched. Even Craig MacTavish would strap on a helmet this week. 

The Rangers Polish A Turd

Despite a largely disappointing season and the playoff berth that is still alluding them, Tortz and his boys dismantled the Devils 4-1 to knock them out of the postseason picture. That, combined with a heated OT win at the Islanders last weekend, and taking their last 11 at 8-2-1, could lead to a very dangerous team down the stretch.

The Leafs Are Back On Top (Kinda)

Toronto is back in the playoffs for the first time since Jay-Z was silly enough to do a record with Linkin Park (yeah, that happened). If they could find a way to finish atop the sliding Canadiens, they would really get the party going in Toronto. Which I assume means knocking back some Molson and throwing another mooseburger on the grill.

The Flyers Crash and Burn

And finally, Philly’s officially out of the playoff race for only the second time since Jay-Z did something like this (that also actually happened). 

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