Check, Please: NHL Action From The Week Of April 8th

It’s almost playoff time, are you prepared?

It was a close call, but hockey has returned. While the season is shorter, the action is just as fast. Here’s what went on in the NHL week that was.

(Photo by Jamie Saba/ Getty)

Teams Are Clinching Already

We’ve taken a brief hiatus from this column, but hey, the NHL took it’s sweet time getting started – why couldn’t we? Besides, what could we have really missed? What?! Playoffs?! Good god! That’s right, the top dogs in the East and the West are taking their talents to the postseason. Two surprise forces – the Canadiens and the Ducks should wrap it up soon. The rest of the West’s contenders (from the third seed down to eight) are separated by all of five points. That means, the Minnesota Wild are not going to have to try too hard to blow it this season.

Completely Insane Trade Deadline

If by “completely insane” you mean “pretty boring.” Marian Gaborik moved to Columbus, which is a smaller town, however it is a town that doesn’t contain John Tortorella so he’ll probably enjoy it more. The Rangers pick up three guys, who combined only had one more goal than Gaborik, and a sixth-round pick. Impressive rookie Cory Conacher was also moved from Tampa Bay to the Ottawa Senators. That was the second most interesting trade, and that makes us sad.

2014 Winter Classic Is Set

This year’s plans will be pushed as the Red Wings will play their new division-mates the Maple Leafs for the title of “Most Insufferable.” The game will take place in “The Big House” at Michigan on New Year’s Day and will host an estimated 110,000 people; the most to ever attend a hockey game. Gary Bettman said “I suppose this event is so big we need to make the announcement twice” to which the whole world said “Wait, what?”

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