Check, Please: NHL Action for the Week of February 11th

Devils, Kings, and Canadiens are all fair game in this week’s hockey round-up.

It was a close call, but hockey has returned. While the season is shorter, the action is just as fast. Here’s what went on in the NHL week that was.

(Photo: Dave Sandford / Getty Images Sport | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

The Honeymoon’s Over

Turns out that a few months’ rest didn’t help the Kings’ Stanley Cup hangover. They are currently sitting at the bottom of their division at 3-5-2 with Drew Doughty trying to cover up his struggles by hitting Pavel Datsyuk as hard as humanly possible. Admittedly, seeing that hit did make us forget about his -10, but only for like a minute.

Who Needs Zach Parise?

It doesn’t look like the Devils do. New Jersey hopped out to an Eastern Conference best eight wins behind their leading scorer and Zack-Parise-memory-destroyer David Clarkson. Ilya Kovalchuk is playing up to his potential and “World’s Best Grandpa” Martin Brodeur is a new (but really old) man in goal. And if you are worried about his endurance, never fear, he’s got a spritely 39-year-old Johan Hedburg ready to help with the lift.

Max Pacioretty Needs a Vacation

After getting absolutely sledgehammered in 2011 by giant person Zdena Chara, who received no suspension for it, Max Pacioretty is back in the news for laying down a hat trick on the Maple Leafs. Wait, no, that’s not what happened. He actually got bit on the wrist by Toronto forward Mikhail Grabovski, forcing him to get a tetanus shot like a whiny 6-year-old who stepped on a nail. As for Grabovski, the NHL couldn’t find definitive proof in replay that he bit Pacioretti, so he’ll get off scot-free. Apparently abusing the Canadien is like a get out of jail free card.

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