Check, Please: NHL Action for the Week of February 6th

Who’s good, who’s bad, and who’s out of here?

It was a close call, but hockey has returned. While the season is shorter, the action is just as fast. Here’s what went on in the NHL week that was.

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty)

The Blackhawks are Really Good

Chicago is the last team in the league without a loss in regular time, including a W last week over the top-form Sharks. Their bottom six has been producing enough that teams have to be defensively deep to compete, and no matter what you do, you can’t ever seem to get them off your junk. In that way, they’re kinda like the herpes of hockey teams.

The Coyotes Should Pack Their Bags

When the deal to put the Coyotes in the hands of the Jamison group fell apart this week, it all but cemented the fact that the team will end up in Quebec City, Seattle, or (please no) Vegas. This news is even worse for Shane Doan, who signed with the team amid echoes that the deal was done. Now Doan will have to stick it out like a relationship gone bad, where the participants are still living together – except on ice.

The Rangers Should Start Declining Power Plays

New York sat at the top of many predictions for this shortened season, but are currently sitting at under .500, with only the Flyers to cushion their free-fall from expectations. A huge reason for that is their lack of execution on the power play, only closing 3 of the 35 chances that they’ve had so far. Next time Mark Staal gets tripped he should just say, “No thanks, man. We’re good like this.”

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