Check, Please: NHL Action for the Week of March 11th

Chicago’s streak is over, and to some, so is their season.

It was a close call, but hockey has returned. While the season is shorter, the action is just as fast. Here’s what went on in the NHL week that was.

(Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI/ Getty)

The Blackhawks Are The Worst Team Ever.

Chicago finally left some points on the board, losing both Friday’s game in Colorado and yesterday’s game at home against the Oilers. The Blackhawk fans reflected on a stellar start to the season, took the losses in stride, and looked forward to the remaining games. Oh wait, no. They actually went immediately to Twitter to complain about how their team sucks. Stay classy, Chicago.

The Rangers are Making Moves.

After a seriously disappointing start, the Rangers have started to show sparks of life behind Rick Nash. The big acquisition is starting to pay dividends for New York, scoring nine goals, the first eight being all in the critical third period. Maybe the Blueshirts can make a move for the Atlantic.

But So Is Sidney Crosby.

Unfortunately, the Pens are seven points ahead of their nearest competition, and Sid the Kid’s killer instinct has been ice cold (no pun intended). The phenom tallied five assists against the Isles, setting up Chris Kunitz’s second hat trick this season. Things in Pittsburgh are pretty cool right now (pun definitely intended).

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