Watch Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper Go Snowboarding Because ‘Star Wars’ Is Inescapable

It ain’t Hoth, but it’ll do.

Did you know that ESPN is owned by Disney? Did you know that Disney owns Lucasfilm? Did you know that Lucasfilm is releasing Star Wars: The Force Awakens imminently? All true! And all necessary to understand why the Worldwide Leader would produce a video of Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper snowboarding down Mammoth Mountain in the Sierra Nevadas. 

Honestly, the “why” of this video hardly matters, other than the fact that Star Wars mania has been all but inescapable since we first got a look at the new film last November. This thing is just fun to watch, especially if you’re trying to kill time until the first official showings of The Force Awakens kick off around the country Thursday night.

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