Chicago Police Disapprove of Jimmy Butler Removing His Rear View Mirror

The Chicago Bulls star also faces a $25 fine if he gets busted. 

Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler had an unfortunate childhood. His father wasn’t around and his mom kicked him out when he was only 13. But Butler is insistent on leaving his past behind and he’s got a convenient reminder to do that in the front of his car: an empty spot where the rear view mirror should be. 

“[H]e loathes reliving the past—so much so that he has removed the rearview mirror on his car (yes, really) as a symbolic reminder to never look back,” says a profile in Chicago Magazine.

That’s commitment, but it’s also super dangerous. “It’s not  something we’d recommend people do,” Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Jose Estrada told Maxim. “It definitely does impede your ability to see traffic and other objects that are behind you while you’re driving.” 

In other words, watch out Chicago-land motorists, Jimmy Butler might kill you!

What’s more, a perusal of the Chicago’s traffic violations shows that a missing rear view mirror is a violation that could result in a $25 fine. Butler’s got the money though. He signed a $95 million contract in July, meaning he could pay that fine every day for the next 10,4011 years. 

Photos by Bart Young / Getty Images