WATCH: Insane Chinese Girl Rollerblades Under 18 Cars

Don’t count the Chinese out just yet.

If you have been reading the business section, you may have the impression that China has lost its swagger. Economic growth is lagging, equity bubbles loom, and the yuan faces further devaluation. But watch this video of a young Chinese girl rollerblading under 18 cars at lightning speed, and try to convince me that the Chinese won’t become our new overlords.

In what seems to be an insane Chinese variety show, this dauntless youngster rollerblades towards a motorcade of 18 cars before an oohing and aahing crowd. Just as you think she’s about to slam into the first car’s exterior, this wheeled warrior abruptly descends into an in-motion split. After contorting her body into a human skateboard, she proceeds, with a straight face, to glide underneath the vehicles faster than a goddamn peregrine falcon. This girl DGAF.

We haven’t quite figured out how the young woman’s bravado will translate into economic fortitude, but this is a hell of lot more impressive than whatever’s going down on America’s Got Talent. Compatriots, we have a lot of catching up to do…

Photos by YouTube