How To Double The Size Of Your Chipotle Burrito—For Free

Get the most out of your burrito. 

If you love Chipotle, you probably love it for one simple reason: the restaurant chain is famous for offering huge portions at a relatively low cost to hungry office workers and burrito enthusiasts. The end may be nigh, though, as the chain is expected to hike their prices in the next year.

Don’t despair, though. Thanks to this incredible lifehack from Dylan Grosz at ApartmentList, you can now enjoy 86% more burrito without spending an extra dime.

In order to divine the secrets of the perfect Chipotle burrito, Grosz ordered five burritos a day and meticulously examined and weighed their ingredients back at his office. Here’s what he recommends:

  • Change your container: Instead of letting an employee control your burrito destiny, order a burrito bowl (which always contain more than the conventional burrito) and double tortillas before wrapping this thing up yourself. The extra bowl, according to Grosz, will give you 15% more ingredients; the double wrapping, 25% (since the reinforced burrito can simply hold more)
  • Go both ways: Ordering both kinds of rice and beans is a surefire way to bulk your burrito up, since most Chipotle servers don’t meticulously measure out half-portions during the lunchtime rush. This method yields 93% more rice (and ups your burrito weight by 23%) and 92% more beans (for a 16% weight increase). 
  • Make it a meat tornado:  Asking for half chicken and half steak actually yields 54% more meat, according to Grosz’s measurements. Yum.
  • Go all out: Fajitas vegetable mix and corn salsa aren’t necessarily fan favorites, but adding them to your super sized burrito will up its weight by around 15%

The result? According to Grosz’ meticulous tests, you’ll probably end up with almost 32 ounces of delicious, life-ruining Mexican goodness without shelling out any extra cash. Here’s a useful GIF for comparison:

God bless you, Dylan Grosz. You’re the hero America deserves.

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