Chipotle’s Patron Margarita

Your favorite lunch stop just got more favoritey.

Your favorite lunch stop just got more favoritey. 

Brand: Chipotle’s Patron Margarita

You’ve probably picked up a beer from time to time when you get your weekly lunch burrito at Chipotle, but did you know they serve margaritas too?


It’s true. But starting April 29th, they’re getting an upgrade…

…with Patron Premium Tequila! Chipotle’s margaritas are currently made with Sauza Tequila, and you’ll still be able to pick those up for five bucks. But for $6.50 to $8, you can enjoy a top-shelf marg with your $7 salad! Why not? 

We got to taste the delicious cocktails—they’re very, very sour, and also sweet—but not too sweet. More importantly, they are STRONG. Seriously, the people at Chipotle know what they’re doing. Yay!

To lunch! To liberty! To tacos and tequila!


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