Chris Brown’s Australia and New Zealand Tour Has Been Canceled Due to His Violent Past

Australian immigration officials didn’t want to let him into the country. 

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but I’m personally of the belief that revenge is best served…period. Rapper Chris Brown is about to get a heaping plate of the stuff, as his violent past has caught up with him, resulting in his Australia and New Zealand tour being officially canceled due to his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna

Back in September we wrote about Australia issuing a notice that they planned to deny Brown a visa to go over and perform, with a statement from Michaelia Cash, Australia’s Minister for Women, explaining that Brown was “not of the character we expect in Australia.” At that time, with the fate of his tour up in the air, Brown’s people issued a statement of their own saying he had “faith that a decision will be made with the full consideration of his continued personal growth, ongoing philanthropic endeavors and desire to perform for his fans.” 

According to ABC News, “Citing privacy concerns, Australia’s immigration department on Wednesday declined to say whether they had refused Brown a visa.” Either way, Brown went ahead and withdrew his visa request in New Zealand before they could rule on whether or not he’d be allowed in the country. 

This news isn’t the only blow to Brown’s career this week — he was scheduled to appear on the Daily Show last night, but was removed from the lineup and replaced with Nick Cannon after staff thought better of it. 

Photos by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Image