Chris Cooley

The Washington Redskins tight end talks football.

The Washington Redskins tight end talks football

Career Stats

Receptions: 314
Yards: 3, 457
Average: 11.0
Touchdowns: 28

Personal Stats

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 250 lbs

You didn’t get into the stat book at the Pro Bowl. What happened?

It’s not like I wasn’t trying; I think I dropped a ball over the middle in the second quarter and missed six or seven tackles on the kickoff team. By the fourth quarter a bunch of the guys on the sideline were laughing at me.

Does it get expensive bringing family and friends to Hawaii?
It’s easy to put someone else’s room number on your tab. We charged some of our stuff to Jared Allen.

When the Redskins went bowling during training camp, you drafted head coach Jim Zorn. Smart pick or kiss-ass move?
Both. He’s a pretty versatile dude and a good golfer. So I figured along with the kiss-ass I was going ¿to get a good pick. He rolled a 130.

That’s respectable.

Andre Carter actually rolled a 33 in one game. I don’t know how that’s possible. Honestly, a 33? If you can’t break 100, how can you play football?

He probably can’t fit his fingers into the ball.
There’s the whole idea of keeping the ball tight to your body, and you really can’t do that if you have fat ass sides.

What was it like when your name popped up in trade rumors?
My wife was reading some blog in the morning and was all worked up. She was like, “You’re being traded to Cleveland,” and I was like, “Don’t wake me up for this.” ¿I got into a little scuffle with their fans for saying this, but I’d ¿be pissed if I had to go to Cleveland. Who wouldn’t be? I mean, let’s be honest. That’s what half the people from Cleveland said!

What’s your take on the huge contract the ’Skins gave to Albert Haynesworth?
Albert’s the best defensive tackle in the NFL and he’s never been a free agent, so he’s earned it.

What was your first impression of him?
He killed me in the Pro Bowl last year. We threw an interception, and I was chasing the pick down from behind, and Albert just annihilated me. I’m going to pay him back in practice when he’s not looking. Wait till the team’s changing drills and jogging around the field, then just go for the full layout shot.