Chris Evans and Mark Hamill Debate Powers of Luke’s Lightsaber Vs. Captain America’s Shield

Nerdiest debate ever?

For those who have tossed and turned at night wrestling with the question, it has finally been answered: A lightsaber from the Star Wars universe is maybe sorta more powerful than the super-strong metal vibranium, which comes from the Marvel Universe. Except it depends on the universe. If you’re properly confused, then by all means read on.

The answer to this age-old debate is just kind of complicated, really. The argument began in earnest on Twitter Wednesday with rabble-rouser Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, for anyone living in a Tibetan yurt for the last 45 years) tackling the question, which was originally posed by someone’s annoyingly perceptive kid.

Hamill has an advantage here. He’s been doing this stuff for a long time and he’s a huge fan of comic books and superhero stories in general. So, that plus him being Luke Fucking Skywalker gives him some authority. 

But Chris Evans (Captain America, of course) is no meathead. He seized on Mark Hamill’s statement that a lightsaber could chop up Capt. America’s vibranium shield like a Ginsu knife on a tomato and came back with a sharp counterpoint.

Extra points to Evans because unbreakable super ninja throwing stars sound incredible. 

Nerds actually answered this question some time ago. Spoiler alert: a lightsaber could at minimum melt vibranium.

If you’re in school, close your books, get up, and walk away. All the answers that matter were answered yesterday. 

Now all that’s left is a Luke Skywalker vs. Capt. America rap battle and the world will be right again.