These Incredible Subway Photos From Around the World Will Make You Rethink Your Morning Commute

Visit the ultra-modern metro stations of Montreal, Berlin, and Stockholm.

When jostling against the masses to grab your monthly MetroCard, the last thing you’re likely to be thinking of is appreciating the beauty in your surroundings. But Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth is, and he’s aiming his camera at subway stations worldwide, revealing the architectural splendors we overlook in the shuffle.

Forsyth began by documenting the striking geometrics of his native Montreal subway, which boasts 68 eye-popping stations.

“I’m just really obsessed with looking at photos of metros,” Forsyth told Atlas Obscura. “[I’m] just trying to bring out that overlooked beauty in the architecture that I find people tend to miss when they’re on their daily commute.”

He then ventured to the modernist metro stations of Northern Europe, in style-minded cities like Berlin, Munich, and Stockholm.

Forsyth has even taken his project to social media, beckoning users from around the world to share snaps of their own metro stations with the hashtag #themetroproject.

For more of his electric array of subway shots, check out Chris Forsyth on Instagram.

h/t Atlas Obscura