Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Were Spotted on a Secret Date

Turns out Arnold’s daughter is a total babe.

Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger Promo
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Chris Pratt may be taking his life into his own hands by dating the Terminator’s daughter. 

The Daily Mail reports that the Jurassic World star was spotted sharing a picnic of “apples, sandwiches and potato chips” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s 28-year-old daughter, Katherine, at a Los Angeles park over Father’s Day weekend. 

Since Pratt and Anna Faris split in August of last year, details regarding the actor’s love life have largely remained a mystery. When tabloids erroneously reported he and Olivia Munn were seen on a “romantic dinner,” the Dark Phoenix actress swiftly dispelled the rumors. 

As for his relationship with Ahnuld’s lovely daughter, only time will tell if this is legit or not. But she’s definitely inherited some movie star looks.

Check out her best red carpet moments and Instagram photos in the gallery above.  

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