Chris Webber Talks Final Four, NBA MVP, and “Nut-Huggers”

We caught up with the NBA TV analyst at this weekend’s Final Four in Dallas.

We caught up with the NBA TV analyst handing out game tickets to lucky fans for Burger King’s #WatchLikeaKing contest at this weekend’s Final Four in Dallas. Check out his interview and new commercial below.

If you’re an NBA GM, with equal need all around, who are you taking #1 in the draft?

Very honestly, I’m trading my pick. I wouldn’t take one guy out of this draft.

Is there a sleeper draftee who you think will do well in the NBA?

I like Frank “the Tank” [Kaminsky] from Wisconsin. I think his last game took him out of that category a little bit, but I’ve been following him all year and I just think he’s a great player with a  lot of skills. He’s got toughness, he can shoot, he can go inside-outside. I really like his game and I don’t think people have given him the credit he deserved all year and I think he’s going to be a guy who will play in the NBA for years.

As a player who’s been here, what’s the pressure like in the last couple games here as compared to the early rounds?

You know what’s funny – I don’t know which game had more pressure: The first or the last. Don’t get me wrong, the last one is probably the most pressure because it’s the last moment, but in the first game, you’re thinking about your first game, and how it could be the last of the season. It could be a senior’s last game before going home. You’re playing for so many people, so many emotions, I really honestly don’t know. I would say the last game, because it’s the last, but I remember being just as nervous during the first.

In 1992, you were a six seed. Is there a pleasure in busting people’s brackets?

Oh yeah. We hated being a 6 seed. We felt disrespected, we were upset, we were hurt. And I think you gotta use that. I think it’s good for a lot of teams because you have to use that to fight against. Another doubter to shut up – that type of thing. Especially that year we had played Duke so close, we knew that we were better than a six seed. So upsetting all those teams, we felt really good, we felt vindicated.

What was your favorite upset this year?

My favorite is the worst. You know, everyone was a billionaire until Duke lost. And that’s why you gotta love the Dayton Flyers and those teams.

Since we’re going into the NBA playoffs soon, what is your NBA MVP pick; LeBron or Durant?

Durant. 40 games in a row after last night at 25 or more points. They’re going to have a better record than Miami and Westbrook has been hurt for so long. It’s crazy because Durant had to have a perfect year to do that, and he’s having one of the great seasons. I think that it’s his.

How about coach of the year pick?

It’s funny, it should be Popovich hands down, but I think we get fatigued of guys that we know are going to do a good job. It has to be Popovich – for as long as him and Tim Duncan have been together, to have the best season and streak than they’ve ever had. And with older players in a better conference.

You’re known for starting the baggy shorts style in the NBA, did you ever think “This has gone too far?”

You know, no. Never. I always wanted to see how far they could take it. As long as it didn’t revert back to Stockton “Nut-huggers.” That’s my man, but as long as that never comes back.

Of all the correspondents you’ve worked with on NBAtv and TNT, who is the most stylish, and least stylish?

Steve Smith and Bones [Brent] Barry. Bones is cheating because he’s got family in the clothing business. I like their consistent smooth style. For least, I would say Charles [Barkley]. Charles is more about the event before and after. Charles is stylish, but he cares the least. [Laughs] Now I’m gonna get killed by Charles. 

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