Watch an Angry Christian Mom Confront Katy Perry’s Dad Over His Daughter’s ‘Sinful’ Behavior

I can’t tell if this is really funny or really sad.

A lot of people hate Katy Perry, but few hate her as much as Christine Weick.

Weick, a self-described Christian mother, allegedly decided to confront Perry’s father Keith Hudson as he exited a radio station in Phoenix on November 9th over his daughter’s “wicked” behavior on stage and in her music videos. (By wicked, she means Perry’s regular routine of…singing…and dancing. You know, typical music video stuff).

“The fruit of your tree is pretty rotten, and so is your daughter’s,” scolds Weick, adding that “your daughter is having a sex with demons!” 

Apparently, Weick objected to Perry’s parents, who are evangelicals, appearing on Christian Radio 1280 KXEG. “What got me so angry was that these ‘parents’ told the host that Katy is doing well and that they are examples of raising spiritual, godly children,” Weick wrote on Facebook. “Katy Perry is one of the most wicked, satanic music artists out there!”

There are some money quotes in here, but the whole confrontation is fairly amusing, especially watching poor Hudson gradually lose his cool as the conversation progresses.

In related news, the fabled “Parental Advisory” sticker that warded off concerned parents is 30 years old this year and apparently not good enough for the likes of Weick​. And if watching Katy Perry get down is sinful, then I’m going straight to hell — and I’m OK with that.

Photos by Tasso Marcelo / AFP / Getty Images