‘Saturday Night Live’ Brings Back the Church Lady, With Guests The Chicago Cubs

‘Doctor Strange’ star Benedict Cumberbatch hosted.


Saturday Night Live‘s last show before the US presidential elections was ably hosted by Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is a game performer with good comic timing and made for a fine host, but the real fun in this middle-of-the-road episode was in the guest appearances. First Dana Carvey’s return, on “Weekend Update,” as the Church Lady—and more surprisingly, members of the World Series winning Chicago Cubs.

Carvey’s prim and devil-fearing Church Lady was back to discuss presidential candidates with “Update” host Colin Jost. We got to hear all the classic Church Lady lines as well as some equally funny slams against the candidates. It was special. 


Perhaps the funniest sketch of the night was also the strangest, by far. In “Surprise Bachelorette,” Aidy Bryant played an octogenarian grandmother killed almost immediately by the surprise of her bachelorette party. Unfortunately no one notices and some bizarre Weekend at Bernie’s style shenanigans ensue, involving Benedict Cumberbatch as one of a pair of male strippers grinding on the deceased grandma. The sketch took a true turn for the bizarre when three members of the Chicago Cubs showed up as extra strippers. There was some twerking involved. The true star of this segment was easily Bryant, who deserved some kind of award for never once losing her composure. 


Another Cubs moment—perhaps the best one of all—came at the end of “Weekend Update,” when Cubs players Andrew Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler showed up as part of a singing group. And with them was a special guest singer—all-time Cubs super fan and former SNL stalwart, Bill Murray. They closed the segment performing a rousing version of “Go Cubs Go.”

The Digital Short of the night was “Koohl Toilet,” featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. It was a direct parody of Apple’s famous 1984 Macintosh commercial in which Cumberbatch was a badass innovator introducing a crowd of normal toilet-using drones to his “Koohl Toilet,” which basically was a regular john designed for backwards sitting. 


In the cold open Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon dropped their Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton parody personas for a jokey joyful romp through Times Square, embracing obvious Trump and Clinton supporters alike. They ended the open with a sincere message pushing viewers to go vote Tuesday, regardless of affiliation. 

Dave Chappelle is the host for the November 12 SNL, with musical guests A Tribe Called Quest.