Pepsi Just Remade That Iconic Super Bowl Ad With Cindy Crawford

Nothing beats the original.


(Photo: Pepsi)

There’s never been a Super Bowl soda commercial more memorable than Pepsi’s 1992 ad with Cindy Crawford.

You know, the one where the bodacious supermodel gets out of a red sports car wearing sexy denim shorts, sensually sashays over to the Pepsi machine, pops in a quarter, and throws back that refreshing can of Pepsi while two kids look on and experience a sexual awakening? Yeah, that one.

Well, Pepsi just brought that ad back, but with a considerably lamer modern twist – Cindy Crawford is replaced by a giant diet Pepsi bottle with a Cindy Crawford “PepsiMoji,” and the two boys are also emojis on giant Pepsi bottles.

The boys’ emoji-faces go through a whirlwind of emojions (emoji-emotions, get it?), and go from smiling, to awestruck, to in love, while sexy Pepsi bottle Cindy waddles around the vending machine and does her thing.

“OMG Cindy-moji is so hot.”

“The original spot was so great — people come up to me to this day and say they loved that spot,” Crawford told CNN

“I think there’s so much nostalgia for the commercial, so we decided to do it with a twist as a Pepsi emoji. It’s fun to connect with a younger audience.”

The 15-second ad is for the PepsiMoji campaign, where the special emojis will be printed on nearly 500 million bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi MAX this summer.

Even though nothing will replace the original ad, we can safely say that Cindy Crawford looks hot in all scenarios…even as an emoji.