This Heartfelt Embrace Between Alabama and Clemson Players Proves Sportsmanship Is Alive in College Football

Derrick Henry and Deshaun Watson are great role models.
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Rivals, but not enemies. (Photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

Rivals, but not enemies. (Photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

After Monday night’s hugely entertaining college football national championship game ended, the best players on each team made a beeline to the middle of the field so they could share a tender hug and remind us that good sportsmanship still has a place in sports. 

That’s Derrick Henry, Heisman-winning Alabama running back, in the white and Deshaun Watson, Clemson quarterback and near-Heisman winner, in the orange. These two guys have so much respect for each other as athletes and competitors that they're reportedly planning on working out together in the off-season. 

Two days after a handful of professional football players acted like a bunch of agro meatheads on the field, these two amateurs briefly reminded us that football isn't the asshole factory that it sometimes seems.