Watch This Fired-Up Supercut of Clint Eastwood Shooting Absolutely Everyone

The “Pussy Generation” might flinch watching Clint blowing away endless bad guys in this clip.

In his time as a leading man in thrillers like the Dirty Harry films as well as westerns like his High Plains Drifter series, Clint Eastwood spent a lot of screen time blowing bad guys away.

The thing about Clint was he made it look good—his “Well do ya, punk?” scene from 1971’s Dirty Harry may be one of the all time great cop vs. criminal cinematic standoffs. 

However, as the creator of this montage illustrates brilliantly, Clint’s steely gaze and clenched jaw turned a ton of cinematic gunfights through the years into iconic drama. Best of all, even if he was bloodied in the process, Clint always came out on top. Just remember that, woefully oversensitive members of “Generation Pussy.”

That’s why when the man behind the long-barreled Magnum talks about toughness, it’s a good idea to listen. Even at 86, Clint Eastwood is nothing if not formidable.

h/t Daily Caller