The Clippers Want You to Know That Blake Griffin and the Trainer He Punched Are ‘Family’

This just reeks of desperation.

Here’s a weird picture the Los Angeles Clippers tweeted during Thursday’ 105-86 drubbing of the San Antonio Spurs. It’s Blake Griffin in street clothes high fiving some anonymous dude in a polo. 

But wait, that dude’s not anonymous at all! It’s Matias Testi, the team manager whose face so rudely broke Blake Griffin’s hand when the star forward punched him in Toronto last month. 

That makes this tweet a rather lame attempt to show the public that everything is cool in the Clippers camp. Not that it’s hard to believe: Agro athletes are always brawling, and that doesn’t mean they hate each other afterward, even if the fight busted up Testi’s face, turned Griffin’s hand into a giant marshmallow and cost him nearly $900,000.

Still, this picture is worth ridiculing because it’s a bit too desperate. Maybe these guys do consider themselves family but the team should probably wait for the swelling to go down before pushing that narrative. Might have helped them avoid some serious mockery.