These Cocaine Ads From the Seventies Are Real and They Are Spectacular

What a time to have been alive.

Pretty much every piece of media about the seventies portrays the decade as one of great music, hedonistic orgies, questionable fashion choices (for men — bring on the body-conscious jumpsuits, ladies), and mountains of cocaine. And as these drug magazine ads from 1976-1981, unearthed by The World’s Best Ever and found at AdWeek illustrate, all of that is probably true. From elaborate ivory spoons and gold razors to winking nods at snow, to — my personal favorite — tiny little vacuums (I just love miniatures), the ads seem way too over-the-top to be real. But they are, and here for you to ogle at.

Take a look at a few selects below, then head over to The World’s Best Ever for the full set