Watch a Flying Cockroach Attack a TV Reporter’s Boobs In This Freaky Viral Video

“Aaargh Jesus! Oh god!”


(Photos: Getty Images & KLTA)

News reporters have rarely had it so rough: dealing with annoying drunk bros waving in the background, being body slammed by politicians and, now, being attacked by a damn flying cockroach during a live shoot.

The intrepid Mary Beth McDade of KLTA in Los Angeles recently faced just that: a flying cockroach that landed squarely on her chest.

“Aaargh Jesus! Oh god!” she yelled just seconds before going on air.

“Hang up. I was coming to get it, but I didn’t want to feel you up,” a helpful crew member said. And who said chivalry was dead!?


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Thankfully, the plucky local news babe has emerged from her creepy run-in unscathed. Stay safe out there, people.