Celebrities Are Sharing Hilariously Awkward Teen Photos to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

Conan O’Brien, Alison Brie, Emmy Rossum and a boatload of other celebs busted out their funniest photos for a very worthy cause.

On a recent The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, comedian Nick Kroll challenged all Hollywood celebrities to post their most awkward teenage photos under the hashtag #PuberMe.

To “make this interesting,” Colbert announced that for every celebrity photo they got, he would donate $1,000 to Puerto Rico from the Americone Dream Ice Cream fund. 

The submissions rolled in, and Colbert announced his favorites on the next day’s show.

But we have our favorites of our own. 

Below, see how far celebrities like Conan O’Brien, Emmy Rossum and Alison Brie have come since their awkward teenage years. 

Stephen Colbert

Nick Kroll (right)

Conan O’Brien

Emmy Rossum


Kat Dennings


Alison Brie 


Jimmy Kimmel

Andy Richter

Adam Scott

James Corden

“Weird” Al Yankovic

Fred Armisen & Billy Eichner‏

Judd Apatow

Lena Dunham

Sarah Silverman

Topher Grace


Busy Philipps


Ike Barinholtz


It looks like Puerto Rico is going to be getting plenty of needed cash soon.