WATCH: Stephen Colbert’s Powerful Reaction to the Tragedy in Paris

Colbert learned of the attacks midway through Friday night’s taping of The Late Show. 

Celebrities had a lot to say about the barbaric attacks on Paris last night, with many partaking in the #PrayForParis hashtag to express their heartache. But it was Stephen Colbert who delivered one of the most powerful responses to the news, doing so with few words.

At the end of what had been a typically uproarious taping of The Late Show, Colbert brought things home and addressed the tragedy: “Folks, we end tonight’s show with a heavy heart because we taped all of tonight’s show, and then we found out about the horrific attacks in Paris today. I know not much is known right now. We do know there have been many deaths and the crisis is still ongoing.”

Colbert was midway through taping when word of the terrorist attacks got out. According to audience members on Twitter, Colbert broke the news during a commercial break, stunning them.

Colbert was sure to apprise them of ongoing developments during his sendoff: “President Hollande declared a state of emergency and President Obama has promised that the United States will do whatever it takes to bring those terrorists to justice. We add our thoughts and prayers to everyone in Paris.”

“And now, we’ll see you on Monday,” Colbert concluded, as he visibly fought back tears. “Goodnight.”