College and Pro Games of the Week Feb 10

It’s Rugby Time!

College: Pittsburgh at Villanova

When: Saturday, February 12, 9:00pm ET

Some of the air has come out of this game since ‘Nova just lost their trap game against Rutgers. But this still has major Big East implications. The Panthers leading scorer Ashton Gibbs is banged up. If he doesn’t play, then the Wildcats will rebound from their loss and come up big at home. If Gibbs does play, well, ‘Nova is looking at a two-game losing streak.

Pro: USA Sevens International Rugby Championship

When: Sunday, February 13th, 4:30pm ET, NBC

I have a confession: I don’t understand rugby. But it’s not for lack of trying. A few years ago I stood in a London pub and watched an entire rugby championship. Between pints of lukewarm ale I asked questions like, “Why did he just put the ball down?”, “Did someone just score?”, “Why does that guy’s ear look so gross?”, and “Can I please have another pint?” But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the game. And with football officially over for eight months, this may be the only way to watch gigantic men smash into each other at high speeds. Enjoy it while you can.