College and Pro Games of the Week Feb 17

Take out your teeth because redneck season starts now!

College: Ohio State at Purdue

Sunday, February 20th, 1:00PM ET

I understand that both the college and pro games to watch this week are on at exactly the same times. So you’ll have to DVR one of these or make an extremely difficult late-February sports-watching decision. Ohio state is looking to climb back up the top 25 ladder now that Kansas could only hold onto their #1 ranking for about six hours.

Who Will Win: Ohio State. Purdue is ranked 11th, but they can’t rebound or shoot as well as the Buckeyes.

Pro: The Daytona 500

Sunday, February 20, 1:00PM ET

On the tenth anniversary of Dale Earnhardt’s death, his son, the underachieving Li’l Dale has procured his first pole in a long long time. What does this mean? Probably nothing, because the pole winner has won the big race only nine times in the last 50 years. The thing about huge races like these, is that there’s no telling who’s going to win. Jimmy Johnson has won the Nascar championship for the last five years and he only won the 500 once during his reign. So sit back, get in touch with your inner redneck and enjoy a bunch of guys driving in circles for four hours.