College and Pro Games of the Week Jan 27

It’s the first weekend without football since August. Use it wisely.

College: Louisville at University of Connecticut

When: Saturday January 29th, Noon ET

The blueprint to beat UConn is to stop Kemba Walker and make the rest of whoever plays for UConn beat you. The only problem with that is the part about stopping Kemba Walker. But one thing Louisville has going for them is their Rick Pitino defense. But Louisville can’t rebound (they rank 87th overall in boards), so look for second chance UConn points to rule the day.

Who’s Going To Win: Did you read what I just wrote? UConn.

Pro: The NHL All-Star Game

When: Sunday January 30th, 4:00pm ET

What do you do on the first Sunday of no football in five months? You watch the best All-Star game in sports. No defense and no penalties makes this a series of trick plays that are more fun to watch than anything the NFL or NBA have to offer (how exciting is 48 minutes of dunks?). If you’ve never seen this game before, tune in. It’s awesome.

Who’s Going To Win: Sid the Kid is out for the East, so I’m going with the West. But picking All-Star Games is like picking…well, pretty much any sporting event (otherwise I’d be rich.)