College and Pro Games of the Week March 3

Three more weeks til baseball.

College: Duke at North Carolina

When: Saturday, March 5, 8:00pm ET

It seems like no one wants to win in college basketball this year. The moment a team climbs up the rankings they give it all away by losing to Nobody U. So screw the rankings. And the best way to do that, is to watch a good, old-fashioned rivalry. Watching Duke and UNC battle it out when they’re lopsided in the standings is entertaining. But this year they’re both in the top 15, which makes this rivalry even better.

Who Will Win:
UNC. Because I hate Duke.

Pro: Liverpool vs Manchester United

When: Sunday, March 6, 3:30 ET

You’re probably wondering why soccer is making an appearance on this list. Well, think about it. Would you rather watch a meaningless hockey game, a meaningless basketball game or a meaningless soccer game. Actually, don’t answer that. Just hold on until March Madness gets here. Two more weeks, people, we can do it.

Who Will Win:
Manchester United…because they’re the Yankees of soccer (with better pitching.)