College and Pro Sports Jan 20

Do you like to watch? Then watch this.

College: Michigan St. vs Purdue

When: Saturday, January 22, 9:00pm ET

It’s been a tough year for Michigan State. They started the season ranked number two overall and after a six losses in their first 18 games, the Spartans are on the verge of dropping out of the top 25 if they lose to Jujuan Johnson and the surging Boilermakers.

So, Who Will Win: The Spartans. They’ve played like crap, but Izzo’s squads always seem to pull a win out when they really need it (unless they’re in the Final Four). And according to a friend of mine who’s a huge MSU fan, “They made it to the finals two years ago, you loser.”

Pro: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

When: Sunday, January 23, 3:00pm ET

This game comes down to one thing: The Bears receivers. This group of smallish weaklings couldn’t get open against Green Bay’s physical corners when the Bears and Pack played each other in Week 17. And the Bears scored three points. Forte won’t be able to run the ball is they don’t prove that they can get open and Hester won’t run four touchdowns back, so it all comes down to the Bears receivers.

Who’s Going To Win: The Bears. Rodgers had the game of his life last week in Atlanta. But how often do QBs have back-to-back games of their lives? (Scientifically speaking: Not often.) The Bears D will hold him under 20 points and Johnny Knox will play the game of his career as the Bears win 24-20.